Cities and other interesting places

Don’t miss Oviedo, Gijón, Avilés y Cudillero.

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Grado, town and market

Every Sunday for centuries the squares and main streets of this town have filled with traders, customers and merchandise: the local ‘afuega’l pitu’ cheese, spelt bread, garden vegetables, craft work, tools, clothes and shoes… all of the shops are open. There is also a market on Wednesday morning. Bear in mind, however, that shops close all day Monday and on Wednesday afternoon.

Candamo cave information centre

The caves were discovered in the nineteenth century and declared World Heritage in 2008. Visits by previous arrangement only. The visit to the information centre is highly-recommended: here you can see full size replicas.

Palacio Valdés-Bazán. San Román. Candamo.

Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00 to 14:00.

Tel.: 985829702

“Ricardo Acebal del Cueto” Arboretum

This is a living exhibit of trees and bushes that allows us to see, compare and learn how to recognise a large number of species. It is located in the Braña’l Puertu of Yernes (Yernes y Tameza).

Prehistoric Park

Situated in Teverga, this museum contains replicas of some of the most important example of Palaeolithic wall art in Europe: Altamira, Lascauz, Niaux, Chauvet, Tito Bustillo, Candamo

The atlantic Botanical Gardens

This garden specializes in the flora and vegetation of the territories on both sides of the Atlantic. The 16 hectares designed to house more than 30,000 plants of almost 2,000 different species make this garden a spectacular teaching and exhibiting space.

Avda. del Jardín Botánico s/n, Gijón

Gijón Aquarium

This aquarium takes you on a journey through the waters of planet Earth: the Cantabrian rivers, the Cantabrian coast, the Cantabrian continental shelf, the temperate Atlantic, the tropics and the arctic.

Playa de Poniente s/n, Gijón